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Welcome to the Cybercom Digital Story, Enjoy. 


Firstly, i'd just like to say thank you for coming to this section to learn more about my company. In this section it is my objective to explain to you how, why and when i started Cybercom Digital Marketing, and the purpose behind creating this brand/business. 

So without further ado, let's begin.

The vision of Cybercom Digital Marketing came to me in the early parts of August 2019, just after my birthday. I was looking for a way not only to get out of the rat race of working for someone else, but i was also wondering about how i could help as many people as i could with their businesses, whilst doing what i enjoy. Cybercom Digital Marketing came to me as an idea after seeing the possibility  that i could help other businesses achieve their goals and dreams online by providing them with quality leads and helping them increase their monthly revenue by creating a genuine brand, increasing that brand awareness, and then helping provide working strategies to implement to help the back end of business models to ensure that they will be a prominent force online for many years future years to come.


When i picked up this business and started creating it, i only had the knowledge of computers, I.T, and i was pretty tech savvy/knowledgeable, so i thought i should put these skills to good use... This is where the story began. 

Previously, i was working as a landscaper, although i enjoyed that line of work, i knew i needed more in my life to further achieve my own dreams and goals, and i believe that is what has brought me to create this business. To be able to help other businesses achieve their goals is my passion, and i will do anything i can see possible to make this vision come true. If i have to work late nights, go above and beyond to help someone out that takes up my time and i get no return from it then it is no sweat of my back. My ambition is to help you. Im not in this to become rich. Im in this to service my goals and dreams, and in turn hopefully help you achieve your goals and dreams in the process. 

A bit about my business model. 

As you probably know at the time of reading this about me section, there are thousands of digital marketing companies out there, trying to service you and provide 'quality' leads to you to help you grow your monthly revenue. I have observed many companies come and go, looking to provide simple marketing techniques to help you, but most i have noticed are shallow, and only provide the first or second step in helping you with your business to increase your monthly revenue. They promise quality leads, and ensure that your company will be magically changed overnight, increasing your revenue and getting money instantly into your pocket..

I'm not going to sugar-coat it, unfortunately, it does not happen overnight.. Usually with these leads that they provide as well, they aren't exactly qualified, so you could be searching through 10's if not 100's of leads that don't even suit your certain criteria of the perfect lead that you are looking for. With my company, this is not the case. My motto with my company is providing you with less leads, but that are actually qualified to your certain needs and criterias when trying to gain customers. I could promise you 100 leads per month, but for me, it's not about the numbers, it's about the quality of these leads, and how willing they are to transition over from being a lead to becoming a customer.


What are the processes i use to be able to provide these amazing results for you?

You must be wondering, how can i get these super qualified leads catered to your businesses specific needs and wants? The answer is, i do my research, ask the right questions and target down who your perfect customer is and who you are searching for in terms of a lead. When advertising to these leads, we make sure to use strict targeting techniques to ensure that you are going to get the best quality leads possible, after this process of the leads clicking on the advertisements, we then send them through a automated system through a messenger bot and or text message automation, where they will be asked questions regarding the specific needs and wants that you are looking for. Once they have answered these questions, all the data gets sent to either your CRM system, allowing them to be scored in a manner of high quality to low quality leads, or will be uploaded to a spreadsheet for easy identification of who you need to ring first to ensure you can close the particular lead that is the most qualified as soon as possible. 

Along with this simple strategic plan of making sure we get done to the back bone of targeting these leads for you, we also help you close these leads as well. In a lot of other digital marketing companies eyes, it's totally okay to provide these qualified leads, and then run off with your money, leaving it up to you to contact these leads, and actually sell them to make sure they become a customer. With my business, again, this is not the case. This is where the real magic comes in. Not only do i provide super high quality leads that are catered specifically to your business, but i will also help you with your back end systems in your business, and won't stop helping you forever, ensuring that you are always constantly closing the leads that i am providing you. After all, your success brings me success as well. I pride myself on creating a company that will bend over backwards to ensure that these leads become your customers, ensuring that you have adequate systems in place to follow up with these leads, and ensuring that you have all the information that you could possibly ever need to retain these customers, help with your sales pitches and techniques, and also help with the tedious tasks, like making sure your CRM system is good to go, and making sure that your follow up systems are on point. After all, it's longevity that we are looking for, not a hit and miss. We want to see you succeed not only now, but for many years to come in the future. 













If you need help, Cybercom is here for you.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a one stop shop digital marketing company to help your real estate agency or finance brokerage business, then i am here for you, rain, hail or shine. My business is not just a business, but i like to call it a family model.. Who ever steps into my business, is not just a customer, but becomes apart of my family, and actually gets treated like a family member. If you want an above and beyond company that will truly make ends meet just to make sure you are successful, then don't hesitate to book in a call or meeting with me today. I can run you through the process completely over a zoom call/video call, to make sure you truly understand how i can help your business before you have to jump into anything head first. After this phone call or meeting, you have absolutely no obligation to jump into anything as well, but i can guarantee you that once you get on a phone call with me, and experience the family member tradition my company has to offer, you will be more than keen to get started towards making your dreams and ambitions for your company become reality. 


What are you waiting for? Let's begin the journey NOW!

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